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Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Virtual 2023

It is a great pleasure and an honour to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the CIVIL, ARCHITECTURAL, AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING VIRTUAL 20-21 January, 2023 07:00 - 12:00 GMT

V-CIVIL2023 shares an insight into the recent research, which gains immense interest with the colossal and exuberant presence of young and brilliant researchers, business delegates, and talented student communities.

We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in V-CIVIL2023.



  • Jan302023

    Abstract Submission

  • Dec052022

    Early Bird Registration

Benefits of

attending online


  • Attending an online conference is an opportunity to build new connections with other academics and experts in the same or similar field of studies all around the world and share thoughts on recent advances and technological through online.


  • For students and researchers, online conferences help to make research on a particular subject easier. they provide access to various research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments anticipated from them.


  • Watch live and learn from the comfort of your home or office on your phone, mobile device and/or computer.



  • Architectural Design and Theories

  • Structural Engineering

  • Civil and Urban Engineering

  • Concrete Structures

  • Environmental Engineering Aesthetics and Landscape Energy

  • Building Materials

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Hydraulic Engineering

  • Road and Bridge Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

  • Concrete Structure

  • Transportation System

  • Landscape Planning and Design

  • Coastal Engineering

  • Traditional & Advanced Construction Materials

  • Construction Market Research and Industry Analysis

  • Geology in Civil Engineering

  • Building Technology Science

  • Construction Technology

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environment and Climate Change Intelligent Transportation and Logistics

  • Planning for Risk and Natural Hazards

  • Steel Structures and Construction

  • Materials Science

  • Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering

  • Environment-Friendly Construction and Development

  • Quality Management

  • Design-Build Contracts

  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Marine structures

  • Constructional Steel Research

  • Infrastructure in the Mining Industry



Keynote Speakers

    • C W Lim

    • City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    • Yurui Fan

    • Brunel University London, UK
    • Dave White

    • Climate Change Truth research, United States of America
    • Nikos D Lagaros

    • National Technical University of Athens, Greece
    • Vivian Tam

    • Western Sydney University ,Australia
    • Yung Yau

    • Lingnan University , Hong Kong
    • Giuseppe Carlo Marano

    • Fuzhou University, Italy
    • Kerry London

    • Torrens University Australia, Australia
    • Md Abdus Samad Kamal

    • Gunma University, Japan
    • Ming Tang

    • University of Cincinnati, USA
    • MA Tao

    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    • Xiaoling Zhang

    • University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    • Jianfeng Wang

    • City University of Hong Kong, China
    • Ying Xu

    • Tianjin University, China
    • Ming Hu

    • University of Maryland, USA
    • Yuekuan Zhou

    • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
    • Mahdi Hosseini

    • Nanjing Forestry University, China
    • Giuseppe Francesco Cesare Lama

    • University of Naples Federico II, Italy
    • Joana Maia

    • University of Porto, Portugal
    • Sayed Hemeda

    • Cairo University, Egypt
    • Sara Belarouf

    • Mohammed V University in Rabat, Belgium
    • Rodrigo Costa

    • University of Waterloo, Canada
    • Katarzyna Suska

    • Inland Fisheries Institute, Poland
    • Norliza binti Mohd Isa

    • Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia
    • Jesus Carrera

    • Spanish National Research Council, Spain
    • Amin Chegenizadeh

    • Curtin university, Australia
    • Chee-Ming Chan

    • University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia

virtual event


Day 1 - January 20, 2023 - GMT

  • 07:00-07:10

    Opening Ceremony and Welcome Note

  • 07:10-09:10

    Keynote Presentations

  • 09:10-09:20

    Refreshment Break

  • 09:20-11:30

    Oral Presentations

  • 11:30-12:00

    Poster Presentations

Day 2 - January 21, 2023 - GMT

  • 07:00-07:10

    Welcome note Day-2

  • 07:10-09:30

    Keynote Presentations

  • 09:10-09:20

    Refreshment Break

  • 09:20-11:30

    Oral Presentations

  • 11:30-12:00

    Poster Presentations & Closing Ceremony

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