About Us

SciWide will be organizing webinars by offering virtual platform to all academicians, researchers, industry professional, and scholars. Webinars will be scheduled on wide range of topics and it will be helpful for scientific fraternity to be connected while staying at their preferred place. Join the webinars organized by us and let the world know about your research and innovation. Our online conferences bring together outstanding leaders, young researchers, scientific ideas, unpublished research, new collaborations, and global representation.


Providing a unique platform to stay at the forefront of innovation and share their diverse perspectives with the global scientific community, it achieves the latest research findings in science and technology.


We become a voice in shaping the future of webinars by raising quality standards in the academic, scientific and professional online conference field and providing insightful opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences.

Who We Are

Nowadays, science and technology are booming in the fields of medicine, physics and pharmaceuticals. We aim to support this progress by holding international online conferences that provide a platform to highlight the research of world-class scientists.

Benefits of attending online


  • Attending an online conference is an opportunity to build new connections with other academics and experts in the same or similar field of studies all around the world and share thoughts on recent advances and technological through online.


  • For students and researchers, online conferences help to make research on a particular subject easier. they provide access to various research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments anticipated from them.


  • Watch live and learn from the comfort of your home or office on your phone, mobile device and/or computer.

“A very intensive and multidisciplinary webinar attracting a wide range of experts from hot research areas ”.

Thank you very much for the great organisations.


Prof. Jian Guo Zhou
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

The conference was well-organised and was a pleasure to attend and I appreciate the opportunity to interact with some very capable scientists. The speakers were very informative and I look forward to seeing the new research presented here in print. I would consider the conference a success!

Elena F Krivoshapkina
Energy Lab, ITMO University, Russian Federation

Thank you for your organisation of the web-based conference V-Mat 2021.  It was well organised 

and effective.  The conference went well. my keynote speech was well received and I had some 

interesting and useful questions.  I enjoyed the other talks in my session.

Prof. Brian Cantor
Department of Materials, Oxford University, BCAST, Brunel University, UK

Congratulations for the successful conference! Thank the organizer for providing an excellent platform to communicate with scholars all over the world in this hard time. I learned a lot from other speakers. Thank the organizer for timely response to inquiries and kind reminder.

Prof. Tianbao Ma
Tsinghua University, China

I was pleased to deliver the keynote presentation on the V-Mat2021, and interacted with other researchers on the conference. The conference was well organized. I would like to thank you for providing this opportunity for us to join a conference without travelling. A good experience! Thank you.

Wen Lei
The University of Western Australia, Australia

The V-Mat 2021 online conference is well-organized, and the staff members are very helpful.

The zoom online meeting platform is very user-friendly.

Rui He
Texas Tech University, USA

It was a great experience to participate in the V-Mat2021 online conference. It provided a nice platform to the researchers to share their research activities and interact with the experts in the emerging areas of science and technology. V-Mat2021 online conference should be very helpful to the young researchers to establish new research collaborations globally in order to strengthen their research expertise. 

Vipin Amoli
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, India

Thank you for organizing the webinar. During this hard time of perndamic, I appreciate you and your team so much for the well-organized virtual meeting.

Prof. Shun-Jen Cheng
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

I am very happy and it was a nice experience to participate in this seminar.
I wish you all the best for future events.

Prof. Akrajas Ali Umar
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Thanks a lot for organzing V-EEE in a perfect way. I really enjoyed the wide variety of topics addressed by the speakers.
Here is my testimonial:
'V-EEE Meet 2022 was an outstanding online event dressing a lot of cutting-edge topics. This was one of the rare opportunities were you can easily experience other areas of research in an easy way. I got a lot of new ideas for my own work and the reseach of my colleagues.
Please keep me on your list of potential speakers for your further events.

Prof. Karlheinz Blankenbach
Pforzheim University, Germany

Thank you very much for providing a professional platform
for the dissemination of work ideas in research. Your efforts
are trüly valued and appreciated. It was a memorable and wonderful
experience. Thank you

Carlo Ciulla
Epoka University, Albania

Below is my comment/testimonial for the event organised by SciWed.
*I had a great experience being a Keynote Speaker together with other reknown experts in the fields. The team at SciWed were accommodating, friendly and helpful
- they worked very hard to ensure the virtual event went off without a hitch. I highly recommend the event organised by SciWed and happy to get involve again in the next event.'

Prof. Zainal Kadir
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia